Dreams of Healthy Leadership


Do you have a deep desire to learn more about being a healthy leader? 

If you are like me, you believe that your leadership journey includes the discovery of a path where holism emerges . As you listen to mind, body and spirit the reality of healthy leadership comes to the foreground; even in the midst of uncertainty and, perhaps, even chaos. 

This is not a solo journey.  We need each other. Our different thoughts and perspectives serve to more fully ground each one of us in what we believe and what we value. The inclusion of diverse thoughts has the power to change us as individuals, to connect us in our shared pursuit of excellence as healthy leaders, and to transform those with whom we have influence.

My purpose is to nurture, inspire and model compassion so that those I connect with discover, or rediscover, their own path of influence in the delivery of excellence.

Traveling in many countries around the world in support of disaster relief I learned from the resilience of those who never give up. I have continually been humbled by leaders who have helped me reframe my definition of success to include a higher calling towards significance.

Today, the impact of my leadership includes speaking, teaching and coaching as I develop strategic partnerships and learning experiences designed to advance healthy leaders committed to successful business outcomes. 

My book, Lifeboat Leadership: Discovering Grace in the Waves of Change takes a deeper look at 

  • Purposeful relationships
  • The mutuality of accountability
  • Focused delivery of work that matters and,
  • Strategic Thought 


Join with like-minded leaders in the positive exploration of healthy leadership through the resources offered within this site. Find encouragement and new thoughts for your life and work each week on my blog that "makes the most of ideas that focus on creativity and innovation" as well as the generative thinking platform called "Building Blocks."

Join me on the journey,

Six key ways that healthy leaders deliver excellence

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