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Advancing the Leader within: Personal Development

mentors Nov 01, 2019

Nelson Mandela has been noted for saying, “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” 

This change (or seeing ways that we have altered) can happen through many experiences that influence us including:

  1. our formal and informal education
  2. the skills and talents gained through professional growth
  3. our personal growth.

While these elements in our life are inextricably linked, the reality is that there is a gap between personal growth and the rest of our growth experiences. This growth gap widens as the busyness of our days seem to control us and our time and energy are taken in pursuing practical knowledge needed for daily survival. 

Our personal development suffers.

Are you interested in personal growth?  Step #1 is get to know yourself.  Spending time to look within can happen at any age and in any circumstance. 


Hope is not a strategy

mentors Oct 04, 2019

In his book, How Successful People Think, John Maxwell explores the value of realistic thinking as he states, "Hope is not a strategy." 

Hope is an expectation...

Hope is anticipation ...

Hope is a dream...

If you are hoping tomorrow will be better you have missed an opportunity to be strategic in delivering the difference you "hope" to make. 

Dirty Feet

mentors Aug 30, 2019

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet."

Might he have been contemplating that clean feet represent ideas that are ….

              Cared for consistently

              Inspected for any type of contamination

              Protected by shoes until the right time for barefoot learning

              Soaked in warm waters with old skin cells being sloughed off

We all know that once an idea enters our mind it wants to stay and grow. Wouldn’t’ you rather have “clean feet” walking through your mind?” Gandhi did!

Iceberg or Glacier?

mentors Aug 16, 2019

Evidence-based researcher and author, Jody Gittell, shares in her book Transforming Relationships for High Performance that “Without relationships, worker skills and knowledge are like disconnected icebergs of expertise floating in the sea.” (p. 123)

A question to ask ourselves: 

Would I rather be an iceberg floating along in my silo of excellence where only 10% of what I am doing can be seen by others....


Would I rather be a part of a glacier, entirely above water level; a part of the whole; seeking to build meaningful relationships that I know will take time and energy.  


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