The Lifelong Journey of Unlearning and Relearning

leadership mindset Oct 26, 2022

Do you remember when Pluto was no longer classified as a planet? For decades you learned that Pluto was something that now is no longer. The reality of this requires you to unlearn what once was in order to relearn the new.

It can be a scary and daunting task to take what you know and flip it. Growth at its core requires the process of unlearning patterns, habits, and ways of coping in order to be ready to relearn.

In order to say yes to something you have to say no to something else.



How do you become unstuck in the old patterns and embrace the new ones?

At the most fundamental, your decision to change old patterns is based on 2 things:
1. Recognizing what you want to change.
2. Knowing what you value.

Your values mark your willingness to sustain the changes you choose. Knowing what you value affirms what internally matters to you!

Once you capture your answers to these two fundamental questions, your vision gains clarity in what you have learned, what you are unlearning, and where your relearning needs to take you. It doesn’t make the journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning easy but it does make it possible and plausible.

Learning, unlearning, and relearning is a lifelong process of adapting to change, embracing change, and adapting to the process of change.

  • Your comfort zone will be denied.
  • Your ways of thinking will change.
  • Your self-awareness of how you function as a leader will be uncovered.

Your life will be improved as you move yourself to a place of continual growth.

This is your “Ready Stance”.

You will know yourself better; but, as every self-aware leader knows, you need others as well. When you can’t answer your own questions, recognize that you need support. You need someone else who you are willing to learn from and trust. A mentor, a coach, a friend!


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