Self-awareness In All Seasons

leadership mindset Jan 02, 2023

Self-awareness is a word leaders know yet how do we define it? 

What is self-awareness? 


  1. Uncovering who you are
  2. What you are
  3. How you are 
  4. Why you are! 

This is self-awareness!

There are so many benefits of taking the time to know yourself.  But first, think about the idea that just when you think you know yourself, you change, you grow. The exploration of self-awareness is never-ending.  Every leader has the potential for living in a state of  self-awareness that does  not match their  capabilities for self-awareness! . Self awareness can be anticipated - not guaranteed. 

It is common knowledge that every  person is responsible for their own choices and actions. Another person can not make someone self-aware. The motivational desire for increasing self awareness begins within you. Are you wondering how you are doing? Evidence of self awareness is found in how a person behaves. Behavior will quickly allow you to see how self-aware you are. 


Do you know what to look for in yourself to know if

Is self-awareness growing or not? 

Four questions you can ask yourself: 

  1. Do I have little curiosity about others’ perspectives?  
  2. Am I open to receiving  feedback about being self-centered?
  3. Do I experience a heightened frustration when events do not go as I expected?
  4. Do I often disregard rules and guidelines, believing they don’t apply to me ?


Why self-awareness? 

As early as 300 BC Greek philosophers recognized that self-awareness allowed a leader to walk a successful path.  It is no different today.  

Leaders who have a sense of self-awareness:

  1. Are more effective in the workplace
  2. Have better relationships with those they work with and
  3. Recognize the significance of purpose and passion in their everyday life. 
  4. Continue to develop their emotional stability 


Growing in self-awareness also requires a process

During any growth, there is a process.

  • Plants need water and sunlight
  • Babies have to crawl before they walk and walk before they run
  • Students of all ages leap ahead in self awareness when they discover how they learn best

Developing a life of self-awareness requires commitment to a process. At every stage in this process we increase our  own awareness as we see how we connect with others.  Each of us develops an even greater self awareness through the eyes, the mind and the heart of others.

This month's podcast takes a deep dive into this process and how one can begin to develop and grow self-awareness in their life and the lives around them. Whether you have been growing self-awareness in your life for five decades or fifteen years it’s for you! 


Let’s develop this soft skill of self-awareness and start this new year on a journey of significance! !

“The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself. 

– David Goggins

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