How To Write Your Leadership Story with Hope

leadership mindset Jul 28, 2022

Life is difficult, painful, unfair, and unpredictable. When faced with difficulties beyond our control, there is an increased need for leaders to use their unique gifts and talents to uncover hope.

Sharing hope is an important form of indirect communication to move forward and grow as an individual, as a team, and ultimately as an organization.

Expressing hope is a leadership choice. It doesn’t arrive uninvited but awaits a leader who pursues with confident expectation that hope is real.

The word “hope” is a noun and a verb.
As a noun, hope is revealed through leaders’ aspirations and expectations. As a verb, hope is demonstrated through leaders’ actions and choices.

Qualities of Hope-filled Leaders

  • Forward-thinking
  • Inspiring
  • Enthusiastic
  • Positive
  • Creative
  • Collaborator
  • Perseverant


Simply put, one of the top needs of your team-members is hope. As a leader, when you decide to choose the path of hope, it spills out of you. You live it!

You focus on the best in people and not their worst. You choose to encourage the development of your team’s skills and talents. You encourage others to dream bigger. Your saying becomes, “How can I help you?”

Leaders who are paying attention will avoid getting sucked into the negativity that surfaces when challenges arise. In fact, as you keep your desires in focus, you will “see” things before others do.

Even if morale is low and you think the situation couldn’t get any worse, hope-filled leaders still see that tomorrow holds opportunities.


A hope-filled leader doesn’t give up. You are grounded and steadfast in your core beliefs whether you are entering, exiting, or staying in the same work environment.

Because hope is bigger than one event, you, as a hope-filled leader, recognizes that there is no way you can see the entire picture. Yet hopeful persistence allows you to see beyond the here and now to identify different possibilities around you.

You believe that hope fuels forward movement. By pursuing hope for others, you provide yet another path for growth for your team members, opening doors for personal and professional growth.

If you are struggling to nail down how hope shows up in your leadership, don’t hold back. Spend time with hope-filled leaders around you who don’t have the same assumptions as you. An outside perspective can help you sharpen your skills in becoming a hope-filled leader. Schedule a complimentary call today.

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