How Love Plays a Role in Your Leadership

leadership Feb 14, 2022

With Valentine’s Day in February, the theme of “love” is all around us. In your leadership role, you shouldn’t forget how love plays a part.

When discussing love in the workplace, I’m referring to the soft skills that are needed in your leadership journey.

Move from success to significance

Life-enriching love in the workplace involves seeking a level of consistency to emerge in your own pursuit of excellence. Sometimes, this search isn’t so much about your occupation as it is a desire to make the most of your purpose in life. It’s important to find a way to compound consistency in your leadership.

Follow the RAFT leadership framework:





Meaningful relationships in the workplace mean a respectful, enjoyable exchange of social interactions with those you spend a third of your life with. It is built on trust and open, honest communication.

Mutual accountability in the workplace means you trust individuals will complete the assignment and if they have questions, they will prompt communication with you to solve any problems.

Make sure your team knows and understands the focus and how to accomplish any goals.

In your strategic planning, include open discussions to incorporate team inclusion and self-awareness practices for deeper thought.

Love connects the dots

The thread woven through the principles of RAFT is love.

Learning how to love those you work with in an authentic and appropriate way advances a sense of worth and value in all relationships. It serves as a platform for credibility and creates deeper relational connectivity.

“When the passion you bring to work each day translates into seeing real people with real lives, you have unleashed a source of untapped power within yourself and within others.”  – Nina Ellison

How can soft skills be measured?

You’ll still need to gather data, track progress, and measure positive changes. But thinking of measuring soft skills means you are in that right though process.

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