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Six key ways that healthy leaders deliver excellence

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Dr. Niña Ellison is a leader committed to the delivery of excellence through:


Leadership growth

Leadership assessment
Team impact leadership
One-on-one and leadership team coaching

High performance team building

Team assessment
Team workshops
Professional team development

Personal development

Individual assessment
Individual development plans


As the founder and owner of Healthy Leadership, Dr. Niña Ellison has learned first-hand four key principles that serve to advance the leader within:

  • meaningful relationships
  • mutual accountability
  • a streamlined focus on work that matters, and
  •  the priority of strategic thought 

As a doctoral prepared, board certified nurse practitioner, Niña has  developed her own solution-based, winning framework of leadership. She brings the skills developed through leading teams in companies both inside and outside of the USA.  Over these past two decades, Niña’s passion has remained consistent: to empower leaders in the delivery of excellence.

A certified speaker, trainer, and coach with The John Maxwell Team, Niña brings her years of success to those who are seeking to ask the right questions for greater impact to themselves, their teams and their business. With the diversity of her leadership experiences Niña shares practical steps to those who are seeking to develop and leverage their strengths to add value to their own lives and the lives of others.


Contact Niña to discuss individual and team leadership events at [email protected]

Relationships Accelerate Results

One of the best things you can do to grow yourself and others is to understand your personality and what drives you. Completing this self-assessment will help you improve your relationships and accelerate your results.  


As We Think, So We Lead

Kick of 2020 by connecting with other leaders in a 5 week virtual Mastermind experience based on international leader Dr John Maxwell’s work on "How Successful People Think."  Beginning January 15th  this call will impact the influence of your leadership as you consider new ideas and strategies.


Live 2 Lead

Learning from elite thinkers to gain relevant insights with leadership application tools that can be put into practice and positively impact the way you lead. Available for  in person presentations into 2020 upon request.


Lifeboat Leadership

Crafting a unique blend of storytelling and evidence-based research, Niña Ellison shares her more than twenty years of hands-on experience as leadership coach, speaker, and designer of leadership training programs to empower leaders in the delivery of excellence

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Six key ways that healthy leaders deliver excellence

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As a bonus you will also gain access to our community group, "Building blocks for Healthy Leaders."


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