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Healthy Leadership


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Six Key Ways that Healthy Leaders Deliver Excellence. 


Dr. Niña Ellison, Leadership Strategist


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Dr. Niña Ellison partners in the growth and sustainability of healthy leaders

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Dr Niña Ellison has been a healthcare leader for over 30 years. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice.  Whether delivering primary healthcare in rural underserved areas; supporting disaster relief in countries on the continents of Africa, Asia or North and South America; or serving as a leader and educator in both academic and corporate settings, her passion has remained consistent – influencing leaders in the consistent delivery of excellence.

As a Leadership Strategist, Niña has developed her own solution-based, winning framework of leadership that she calls RAFT.  Leaders who choose to connect the values underlying Relationships, Accountability, Focus and Thought discover a framework for healthy growth and development.

Below you can access her leadership framework in one course, or, select one principle at a time.  Niña shares her insights using both audio and video presentations.  Come explore and then find yourself activated in becoming an even more effective leader. 

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Building meaningful relationships influences not only your success but allows you to uncover the significance of your work.

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Performance is a leader’s daily reality. For accountability to be effective, a process, a plan and partnerships are needed.

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Building an effective team relies on a leader’s ability to focus on what matters; when it matters most.

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Strategic thinking prepares a leader for the ready stance needed before the work begins, while the work is on-going and when the work is completed.

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Leadership Growth

Closing the gap with emerging leaders to increase awareness and critical thinking 


Team Building

Implementing the RAFT strategy so that the team delivers excellence during times of change and crisis

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